The aim is to present the requirements of the World Wind Organization (GWO), basic safety training (CST) in a single package consisting of safety requirements for those working in the wind power industry. Participants will gain knowledge of rescue equipment and techniques, work safety, prevention measures, and actions.

The training consists of five modules:

  • Working at height (GWO BST WaH)
  • First Aid (GWO BST FA)
  • Manual Handling (GWO BST MH)
  • Fire Safety (GWO BST FaW)

Training duration 4 days.

The certificate is valid for 24 months.

Participants must be medically and physically fit to complete the practical part of the course.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

The certificate is valid for 24 months.

The price includes WINDA tax, coffee breaks and lunch.