Guided by: Article 27, Section 5 of the Lithuanian Republic Employee Safety and Health Law states that the employer determines the training and knowledge verification process for employees working in hazardous jobs, except when laws specify a different procedure. To meet the requirements for fire supervisors and volunteer firefighters, introductory training is organized. This training program is designed to standardize the preparation of fire supervisors and volunteer firefighters (employees). The program is implemented in accordance with demand (Directive 89/391/EEC – DSS).

Objective: To provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for performing the functions of firefighters (fire supervisors), including the use of personal protective equipment, respiratory protection devices, working in confined spaces, at heights, radio communication, environmental atmosphere measurements, and providing first aid. Compliance with work safety and health as well as fire safety requirements is emphasized.

Duration: 40 hours

Will Know: Documents regulating fire-related work, fire safety rules, company procedures; work safety requirements; work organization.

Will Learn: A person who has completed the training program and passed the exam will be able to safely prepare and perform fire supervision work. They will also be able to use fire extinguishing equipment, choose the appropriate extinguisher, fire blanket, and be capable of rescuing people and performing asset rescue during a fire. They will be able to use communication devices and respiratory protection devices, and work safely at heights and in confined spaces.

Certificate Validity: 5 years