Guided by: Article 27, Section 5 of the Lithuanian Republic Employee Safety and Health Law states that the employer determines the training and knowledge verification process for employees working in hazardous jobs, except when laws specify a different procedure. To offer the employer a properly prepared employee, qualification improvement training is organized. This qualification training program is designed to standardize the preparation of volunteer firefighters (employees) working in harmful environments with respiratory protection. The program is implemented in accordance with demand (Directive 89/391/EEC – DSS).

Objective: To provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for working with respiratory protection devices.

Duration: 16 hours

Will Know: Documents regulating work with respiratory protection devices, their requirements, composition, device checks; work safety rules; work procedures and organization with respiratory protection devices.

Will Learn: How to safely work with respiratory protection devices; perform checks and maintenance; calculate safe working hours.

Certificate Validity: 3 years