Guided by: The Lithuanian Republic’s Occupational Safety and Health Law, Article 27, Section 5, states that employers determine the training and knowledge verification procedures for employees performing hazardous work, as approved by the Government. This is except for cases where laws specify a different procedure, and it aligns with international standards, guidelines, and normative documents applicable in the European Union and other industrialized countries. The program is implemented considering the demand (Directive 89 / 391 / EEC – DSS).

Objective: To provide employees with essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work safely and efficiently at height, thereby preventing accidents and injuries.

Duration: 8 hours

Will Know: Aspects of safety when working at height, including safety standards, use of protective equipment, and fall prevention. Various safety elements are examined, from personal equipment to rope systems, and methods to avoid hazards such as suspension trauma are presented.

Will Learn: Principles of safety and health when working at height, including the correct use of protective equipment. How to practically perform high-altitude work, following expert instructions. Positioning methods at height and how to install vertical and horizontal safety systems.

Certificate Validity: 3 years